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GAZELA, in cooperation with its German partner, offers complete solutions in the field of special machine construction, production automation and product transport technology.
We supply complete systems, assemblies and spare parts for the food, pharmaceutical and other industries - from individual modules to complete production lines.
Thanks to our individually planned and designed solutions, we will optimise your production according to your needs.

Our previous projects include:

Special Machines

  • Packaging cells
  • Palletising station
  • Universal labelling station
  • Robot systems with gripper function
  • Conveyors and transport lines e.g. chain, roller, belt and modular belt conveyors between forthcoming production or processing phases
  • Fully automated conveyor technology and handling systems in production and storage processes
  • Universal labeling cell for packaging and confectioning
  • Tray-handling systems - intelligent modular systems and robots for collective loading
  • Welded steel frames and housing



  • Automatic sterilisation cycle
  • Push-in/ Pull-out unit for autoclave maintenance
  • Inspector – sterilisation control system
  • Vial handling system
  • Packaging systems for end products, such as, bags, bottles, vials, tablets and syringes


Food sector

  • Food storage system - from feeding the product up to loading it onto pallets
  • Special handling of different types of packaging by robots loading and unloading e.g. standing bags, canned food on collection trays
  • Confectioning of food packaging
  • Stirrer blades and cup insert


Non-Food sector

  • Wheel washing chamber and machining of rims
  • Roller tracks - production line
  • Solutions for collective catering

We invite you to contact us directly:
Ryszard Piecha
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phone +48 58 600 84 91

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