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The company GAZELA Mechanika Maszyn offers our customers a short time of deliveries and complete finished components including such processes:  

  • Hardening,
  • Nitriding,
  • Oxydizing,
  • Anodising,
  • Zinc plating,
  • Sandblasting,
  • Painting,
  • and others on customer request.



Production capability:

  • CNC Milling in 3-4 axes: X=1000, Y=540, Z=540, A=360°
  • Conventional milling: X=1000, Y=500, Z=500
  • CNC Borer: X=2000, Y=1000, Z=2000, W=1600×1800
  • CNC Turning with Y axe and rotating tools: Ø315 x 600
  • CNC Single-spindle automatic bar lathe: Ø66 x 600
  • Conventional turning: Ø400 x 1000
  • Grinding planes: X=1000, Y=500, Z=400
  • Bending (steel sheet): X=3000, t=10, 200T
  • Welding (steel, stainless steel) : till 3 Tons
  • Deep drilling: Ø22 x 4000

Quality Control:

  • Linear heights up to 900mm,
  • Roughness measuring device,
  • Manual measuring devices.

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